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GCE offer range of Quick Couplings suitable for easy and quick connection to regulators, cutting & welding torches and gas hoses.
Please connect with our expert to know more about GCE range of products. Productivity,skytec.

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We all are doing networking to get knowledge on various topics which in turn benefit to us.

The same applies to your equipments also.

Air compressors also needs to understand the behavior pattern of compressor operating parallel to each other. Air compressors become inefficient when they are operated at significantly below their rated CFM output. To avoid running extra air compressors when they are not needed, a controller can be installed to automatically turn compressors on and off, based on demand. Also, if the pressure of the compressed air system is kept as low as possible, efficiency improves and air leaks are reduced.

Let’s uncover the hidden saving by proper monitoring & controlling of Compressed Air.

Do you want to know more about intelligent compressor control, please connect with skytec, compressed air expert. Improved Productivity,right selection.

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Our team has attended two days Product training/ workshop at Mark (Atlas Copco''s Portfolio of Brand) Compressor''s facility at Pune. It was such a great experience for our team. It has covered in depth product knowledge. We thanks team Mark for such a nice and interactive training. Special thanks to Jayesh Kashyap Ji. It is honoured to be part of TEAM MARK compressors.

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Do not close this valve, keep it open.

That’s the easiest way to remove accumulated water in the storage tank and Leaving the valve open will eliminate the need for continued attention. There are many workers who are under the assumption that “air is free”, and for this reason air is often misused and wasted. Air leaks are ignored.

One simple, inexpensive approach to reducing compressed air waste in facilities is to embark on an educational campaign.

Avoid leaving manual valves partly open to constantly drain the condensation. Effective condensate management will help you to overcome such direct loss.

Do you want to know more about condensate management, please connect with skytec compressed air expert.Improved Productivity right selection.

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Is your Refrigerated dyers gives consistence Performance?

This is not because the equipment is not capable but because it is probably misapplied. The general theory is to select compressed air refrigerated dryer equivalent capacity of air compressor however two of the most important issues, inlet pressure & inlet temperature which is being overlooked as most of the manufacturer’s catalog does not provide selection guide on it. The beginning of proper selection is not only on theoretical conditions but on highest temperature and lowest pressure. Below chart will help you to understand the impact of various pressure and temperature.

Coolers also gets chocked frequently because of oil or dirt carryover from compressor and pipeline hence this will cause differential pressure to rise across the dryers. Pressure Gauge should be installed at inlet and outlet of refrigerated dryer to monitor the performance and take corrective action.

Do you want to know more about rightselection#, please connect with #Skytec #compressedair expert on or +91-9265952287 #Care. #Trust. #Efficiency. #ImprovedProductivity

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Looking for saving in Shielding gas (MIG, MAG & TIG Welding Technologies) up to 40%.

Type of Weld Gas saving
Spot welding: 40-45%
Mostly spot welding plus some seam welding: 30-35%
Equal spot/seam: 25-30%
Mostly seam welding: 18-22%

What is Gas Economiser?
The ECOSAVER keeps a constant level of gas pressure in the downstream system during the welding process. This prevents pressure and flow surges from being created in the system. Surges can create gas wastage and give rise to a poor weld. Weld quality and gas consumption are optimised when the ECOSAVER is used as part of the control system.

Why should I use Gas Economiser?
Cost of the shielding gas is important factor influencing total cost balance of the welding operation. Optimal gas delivery with proper defined pressure and flow-rate improves quality of welding. Cost saving and quality improvement in this area give the advantage to the user on the competitive market.

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What is role of Air Receiver?

In an industry, most of the budget is spent on compressors and some part on air dryers however when it comes to receiver, it is generally end up with low investment i.e. low storage capacity.

It''s actually most important part of compressed air system as entire system''s performance is depend on correct sizing of storage. You need to first understand the relationship between pressure and volume means how much air is removed or added to the system every time the pressure changes 1psig.

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Give an Eye.
Stop Putting on and taking off the old googles continuously The SUPER-VISOR Auto Darkening Goggle from GCE, Sweden The innovative device for the protection of controllers and supervisors.

3 modes to meet all user needs:
  • GRIND mode
  • CUT mode
  • WELD mode
The SUPERVISOR Auto Darkening Goggle can work as a standard safety goggle and then automatically change its shade stage to protect your eyes from hazardous lights or harmful rays.
  •  Lightweight (only 107 g)
  •  Free hands for your operations
  •  Ultra soft rubber pad
  •  Low Battery Alarm
  •  Auto power off
  •  Perfect fit also with hard hat
  •  Shade Adjustment # 5/11
  •  Sensitivity with 5 steps Adjustment


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